Rebecca Scott

Grammar, Literature, Reading, Reading Comprehension

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Coach Profile

Rebecca Scott has been a classroom teacher, tutor, teacher trainer, and content developer for 20 years. She's also worked in a special education classroom and has tutored students with a variety of learning challenges. This range of experience has given her the ability to adapt to the needs of her students. This includes helping students understand the bigger picture, so that, instead of simply memorizing formulas, they discover how each concept leads to another. By helping students build a comprehensive foundation, Rebecca gives them the critical thinking skills that will help them through high school and the rest of their lives. She believes that an engaged, motivating teacher can make mastering math and science less worrisome and even fun.

Additional Information

Subject(s) Grammar, Literature, Reading, Reading Comprehension, SAT and ACT Reading and Grammar, Prealgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, SAT and ACT Math, Life Skills, Practical Math
Age Group Middle School, High School, College

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