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1-6 students General Guitar/Banjo/Ukulele Instruments Music Appreciation Music Theory Singing

Club Guitar is a fun place to learn guitar with others who like what you like! This class is structured for students of all levels to come together to share their talent through the songs they have been working on, and to get instruction on any challenges they may be facing related to the guitar.  

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Club Guitar emphasizes the enjoyment of learning while sharing songs in a group setting. Students will perform a song they pick each week, then receive constructive feedback from the instructor and their classmates on their performance.  

Topics covered in this class include: chord shapes, rhythm, performance, the power of positive feedback, how to handle making a mistake and how to play though it, how to match vocal pitch with the chords, and how to overcome challenges and disappointments through effective practice habits. 

Here's how a class session works! Each student will take a turn performing and receiving feedback. This continues around "the circle" until all the students have had a chance to share. I will wrap up after each student with guidance on how to perform the song more effectively and address any challenges in the student's technique or knowledge of the instrument. I am very patient and energetic. I teach in a kind and supportive way, stressing enjoyment and loving what you do while building discipline and character in my students. 

Students with experience in guitar should bring a song to share. Beginners are also welcome and will use their individual class time for the first month learning the basics of the guitar. Most students will be playing a song within the first month of instruction. 

I hope to see you soon!

Additional Information

Class size 1-6 students

A guitar and a tuner. You can contact me if you need help picking out the right guitar for your student. 


Since this class incorporates beginners to advanced players, no previous music knowledge is required. 

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About the Instructor

Dave Christensen

Unique lessons for your one-of-a-kind child sums up what Dave and his teaching style are all about. Constantly writing and adapting his original curriculum to fit any group of learners is something Dave does well.He enjoys the art of teaching immensely.

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