Perception is everything

5-20 students General

Media Bias and individual perception shape how we view the world. Understand the influences around you and learn to be an independent, thoughtful and empathetic thinker.

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We will examine the role that bias and perception play in our interpretation of media and the influence this can have on choices we make throughout our lives. We will examine our own perceptions as well as media perceptions and learn how we are influenced and how we can influence others. We will examine specific rhetorical appeals ( pathos, logos, ethos) and how they are used throughout our lives to influence our choices and how we can use them to improve our own writing and speech. We will evaluate all types of media , including internet and websites, to learn to choose those that are reputable and fact based when doing research.

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Class size 5-20 students
Supplies Instructor will provide materials to print or view as a PDF
Prerequisites At least a 9th grade reading level.

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About the Instructor

Gaylene Van Zijll

Gaylene van Zijll has over 40 years of experience in all areas of Education. She has taught pre-school through graduate school in 6 different states and 3 different countries. Her experience as a teacher, principal, consultant and head of school at both public and private schools give her a unique perspective and broad understanding of the pedagogy needed to ensure learning for all students at all levels.

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